Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Beautiful Bavarian town of Bamberg

I was going to post a blog on” Rauchbier “ (Smoked Beer) when I discovered that this beer has already been touched upon.
 As mentioned the Beer originates from the beautiful Bavarian town of Bamberg where the Schenkerla has been serving smoked beer since 1405.  This beer is rated within the top 100 beers in the world but unfortunately it was not to my tasting.  Tradition does state, however, that the beer does get better with the second round, even better with the third and… well you get the picture.
Bamberg itself is, I dare to say, as charming as Prague and a paradise for beer lovers.  Within the town itself there are 9 Breweries producing 50 different types of beer.  Bamberg is located in the north of Bavaria in an area that boasts nearly three hundred different beers.  A must for visitors to Bamberg is the beer tour.  Make your way to the tourist office where for EURO 20.- you will receive a backpack with a souvenir Bier Stein, information on the historic breweries including a recommended route and coupons for 5 tastings at 5 different breweries.
Now who would not want to embark on such a journey!

Check out the tourist boards website: Bierstadt Bamberg 
I only spent the afternoon in Bamberg but would return at the drop of a dime!
~ Mark