Monday, 17 March 2014

Alternatives to Green Beer on St. Patrick's Day

Pot of Gold
You can make a Pot of Gold with mint, elderflower, cucumber, ginger beer, and vodka. The cucumbers are used as a garnish, and the ginger beer – which is added near the end – adds an unexpected kick.
Shamrock Smoothie
If you are a fan of the flavored vodkas, this drink might be perfect for you.  While it won’t have the consistency of your average smoothie, it will get pretty frothy when you shake it. If you like fruity drinks, you may have met your match.
The best part about shandy is that it’s literally two ingredients – you might have them in your fridge as we speak. Do you have beer and ginger ale? Combine them, and you've got a shandy! For the record, 7-Up works just as well.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Elephant dung beer

Called Un, Kono Kuro, is made using coffee beans that have passed through an elephant.

The Sankt Gallen brewery called the beer a “chocolate stout”, despite it not containing any chocolate. The coffee beans used in the beer come from elephants at Thailand’s Golden Triangle Elephant Foundation, which cost over US $100 per 35 grams.

Mr Sato, from Japanese website, tasted the beer and said: “After taking my first sip there was an initial bitterness that got washed over by a wave of sweetness. Following that, a mellow body rolled in and spread out through my mouth."
Usually people talk about aftertaste when drinking beer but with Un, Kono Kuro the word afterglow is much more appropriate.

Although the bottles of the stout sold out after going on sale on the Sankt Gallen website the brewery has said that it plans to put the beer on tap at its new shop, which opened in Tokyo January 2014.

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