Tuesday, 6 May 2014

What to Beer-Drinkers Really Want?

Never mind the big question all  men ask themselves, let's talk about the little question: what do beer-drinkers really want?

Google's SurveyMonkey did a survey to find out.

1. What's more important - taste, price, style, brewery, etc?  Well, taste won out over price and all those other things, according to persons surveyed.  Not really that surprising (although, some of us would insist brewery or style was important.)

2.  Which season do you drink most beer?  Expecting Summer, right?  Well, almost.  Summer beat out the other three seasons by a huge margin (47% vs. 1-2%), but the biggest response was "same year-round."  Oh yah, the year-round "season."  Of course!

3. Where do you most enjoy drinking a beer?  Again, no real surprise: picnics & BBQs beat out pool, lake, ocean or other outside venues.  They are all lying, of course.  Sitting on your favourite chair watching your favourite sports play-off game is the true answer.

To see the complete results and enjoy the colourful graphics, click SurveyMonkey's article here.