Friday, 13 June 2014

Sea to Summit hike, follow by beer at Howe Sound

A few weeks ago the gondola opened in Squamish, with mixed reviews about if this was a good thing to cut down trees and make it a tourist attraction, we put our views aside to check it out.
With clouds in the forecast and potential rain for the entire day, we still put on our hiking boots and rain coats on an adventure up a new trail to a new peak behind the Squamish Chief.
We were a group of 8, all in good spirits! Starting out early we all met a the parking lot. The FREE lot at Darrell Bay, walking past Shannon falls and onto the Sea to Summit trail.
The trail starts off as the same trail as the Chief, so be prepared for a good 20 minute hike UP (like the grouse grind.) It then tapers off giving you a chance to catch your breath before heading up again, this time not quite so steep.
The trail is lovely passing all sorts of different terrain. Big stair like rocks, squishy dirt pathway, there is even a chain as well as a rope pull yourself up near the top.
Near the top, at marker 332, the trail splits. You can go right or you can go left along Wrinkle Rock Trail (this is the way we took).
We finally arrived to the top wet and dirty, after about 3 1/2 hours. There were no views that day, we could not even see across the suspension bridge. Not wanting to get a chill we bought our download ticket ($10 plus tax) and squeeze into the gondola (it holds 8) for the ride down.
It looked like a great place to spend the day on a sunny afternoon. There is a lookout at the chief after a small walk, a few other trails to explore. The suspension bridge and a great big patio for a nice pint on a sunny day.
You're able to take your dog in the gondola, or even buy them a pass. Complete with their own headshot!
We'll be doing this again for sure !

With a quick change we headed off to the pub for some Howe Sound flights and food. We'd worked up a great thirst!

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