Friday, 18 July 2014

Speight's Gold Medal Ale, New Zealand

The legend begins here. In 1880 Speight's enters it's flagship ale into the Melbourne Exhibition. It cleans up, winning 2 gold medals and gets a new name; Gold Medal Ale is born. 

Friday, 11 July 2014

Microbrew-Themed Cruises

Crystal Cruises is putting a twist on its "Wine & Food" Experiences of Discovery motif by replacing the wine with lagers, stouts and IPAs that are barrel-aged, made with bacon, have names like Funky Old Time, and more – all for a new Microbrew-themed luxury cruise.  Read more.

Thursday, 10 July 2014


Did you know there is a Railtown in Vancouver?  I don’t feel like much of a Vancouverite because I didn’t know that, and I’ve lived here all my life! It is located East of Gastown and North of Chinatown. It is mostly an industrial area, with great funky coffee and sandwich shops in and around. And this is where you’ll find Postmark.

Postmark started out as a Fresh Tap winery with a dream of “one day” opening a brew pub. After talking to Steve a dream is what it was.  He never in his wildest dreams thought it would come true, but the stars aligned and on June 17th Postmark opened their doors.

They have an amazing set up, elegant and classy yet it is not pretentious or stuffy. As you walk towards this incredible building, built in 1921, look to your left and you’ll see there sort of outdoor growler filling station (you’ll understand when you arrive). A large open window will allow you to get your growler filled and not have to get congested with the guests enjoying flights inside. Make sure to look up, the light fixture is an old farm wheel.

As you walk through the giant doors, standing about 12 feet high you’ll notice large steel tanks where all the fantastic beer is being brewed.  Enter into the tasting room where there are several tables and cozy couches to settle into to enjoy a flight, pint or even a glass of fresh tap wine.

Behind the bar are beautiful chalk boards showing off the lists of wine and beers available, as well the creations the chef is preparing.
At their opening, which I was lucky to attend, they had 2 beers available Red IPA, as well as Saison. Both were excellent and I recommend a trip into Railtown to sample.  By the end of July they will have a Stout and a Hefe available. The Hefe is what I am looking forward, described as a dry Bavarian style Weiss beer brewed with lemon zest and local raspberries!

Thanks to Kate, Mike, Steve & the rest of the staff for a great night, I look forward to sampling your future beers, and even some fresh tap. 


~ Colleen

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Dageraad Brewing - Grand Opening

I was excited to be invited to the opening of the birth of Dageraadbrewing next week so I was extra excited to see that I was able to buy their beer in my local store, West Coast liquor.

After 2 years of planning and building, Dageraad Brewing is ready to celebrate their launch, July 19th at Tangent cafĂ© with Belgian music, food and of course their Belgian beer.   

I purchased their blonde ale, an excellent smooth beer with no after taste. And I look forward to attending their opening and being able to sample the other beers they have to offer.


~ Colleen