Friday, 10 October 2014

Crazy Beer Laws

Here are a list of my favorites
Maharashtra, India - one must have a drinking permit.
Scotland - According to a law in Scotland, "any Scotsman found to be wearing underwear beneath his kilt, can be fined two cans of beer"
Western Australia - remember that crushing a can of beer between your breasts, can land you in jail. No, this isn’t a joke. A bartender (or barmaid, as they say in Australia) was arrested, tried, and fined for flaunting her crushing talent.
Alaska, USA  - No matter your reasons behind your logic you can't serve any alcoholic drinks to a moose. Whether it be beer or not.
Florida, USA - In the state that is known to get hurricanes the governor has the power to ban all alcohol sales during a state of emergency.
Georgia, USA - If you want to get mixed messages then this should confuse you quickly - If you drink in public that is considered okay. But if you get drunk in public that is illegal.
Idaho, USA - If you are brewing a beer and put it into a keg, no matter if you are a home brewer or not you need to make sure that you label the beer. Because if you do not then you might get fined up to 1,000 dollars and face up to 6 months in jail.
Michigan, USA- Usually this state does not have to many drinking laws, you can drink until last call, which is at two in the morning and take a small five hour break, then drink again at seven in the morning. However, if it is during Christmas day then you need to wait until noon to start drinking again.
Nebraska, USA - If you like soup and beer then this is the state for you to visit on your next vacation. Because you can't sell beer unless you have a kettle of soup being made at the time.
New Hampshire, USA - You can only be served an alcoholic drink of your choice if you are sitting down, so that means no walking up to the bar and ordering a pitcher of beer.

Enjoy your drink and be safe.

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