Friday, 30 January 2015

Travel, drink beer, and cycle away the calories
Travel, drink beer, and cycle away the calories. 

How good is that!
Read Nathalie Chudnovsky's article, "Around the World on Beer Tours by Bike," and get planning your next beer-travel-bike adventure.  Nathalie describes tours in Belgium, South Africa, Flanders, Germany, Japan, Oregon (of course!), and Sacramento.
The one that caught my eye?  Cape Town, South Africa.  For about $113, you take a leisurely mountain bike ride through a bunch of South African breweries, including lunch at Rhodes Memorial restaurant. Somehow this is tied in with a visit to the famous Table Mountain.  Or check out Flanders, Belgium.  Centred around Bruges, you'll get to sample exotics like sours, lambics, and gueuze ales, beers that are just creeping into the local craft beer scene here now.  See, or rather taste, the real thing.


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