Sunday, 10 May 2015

Big Rock Urban Brewery

Personally I wasn't won over by the Big Rock Urban Brewery, I do not have anything bad to say, but it is just another brew pub and didn't stand out to me. The food is good, and beer is good but neither stood out for me.

It is a beautiful new building with a full service kitchen, large seating area which accommodated our large group, also with a small tasting room. They have a selection of their own beers, as well as many from other local breweries.

I will give it another chance at some point. There are always kinks to work out when something is new. 

~ Colleen

Saturday, 9 May 2015

B33r tasting at 33 Acres

This places seems to be a victim of their own success !

We all arrived in small groups, and ended up having to wait ! They were at full capacity. This is likely because it was a beautiful Vancouver evening on a Thursday. And we all know Thursday is the new Friday !

33 Acres is located just off main street and if I lived in that neighborhood I would be stopping for a pint on my way home as well. 

We all managed to get in after about a 20 min wait.  Each trying different flights and different pints. Ordering flights is fun, you take a card and mark down which B33rs you would like to taste. There was no stand out beer that was a "must try" but everyone seemed to find something they liked. 

The atmosphere is fun! Their tasting room is bright, crisp with a modern interior.

~ Colleen