Saturday, 9 May 2015

B33r tasting at 33 Acres

This places seems to be a victim of their own success !

We all arrived in small groups, and ended up having to wait ! They were at full capacity. This is likely because it was a beautiful Vancouver evening on a Thursday. And we all know Thursday is the new Friday !

33 Acres is located just off main street and if I lived in that neighborhood I would be stopping for a pint on my way home as well. 

We all managed to get in after about a 20 min wait.  Each trying different flights and different pints. Ordering flights is fun, you take a card and mark down which B33rs you would like to taste. There was no stand out beer that was a "must try" but everyone seemed to find something they liked. 

The atmosphere is fun! Their tasting room is bright, crisp with a modern interior.

~ Colleen

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