Monday, 28 August 2017

Yoga on Tap

What a fun way to start a day !

I had a super fun experience this past Sunday trying out Yoga on Tap with Steamworks Tap Room in Burnaby.

This is something every beer drinking yogi should try once !

I arrived a little before 10:30 am, and was happily welcomed by Matt and the Steamworks staff.  They got me set up with my yoga mat and a flight of beer. 

Matt from Moksha Yoga Burnaby led us through our practice integrating balancing poses and forward folds while we sipped our beer! I did work up a good heat, I think the beer helped with that, and also had a great hatha yoga experience. I am already trying to find out when the next class is. 

The 4 beers we had were all excellent.

Kolsch, was the lightest of the bunch, with its light colour and clean crisp taste. We  also sampled an excellent Summer Ale, it had a kick of a citrus sweetness. The Tropical Ale was the cloudiest of the bunch. It was like a Sunday morning glass of fruit juice, and smelt like it to. And lastly on the palette was Steamworks award winning Flagship IPA.

If you see Yoga on Tap in your neighbourhood,  sign up, you'll have a blast.

~ Colleen

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